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Android ROMs developing blog for Huawei U9508, Ascend G615 or Honor 2 by SoreX !

How to repair a soft-brick of your Huawei U9508
(Ascend G615 / Honor2)

Flashing a wrong ROM could be put your phone in a status called 'soft brick' ..
Usually this situation block the boot on the the splach screen of ypur phone (in this case on the 'Huawei Ascend' images.
If you have this situation, take calm and follow these instructions :

  • installed (if it isn't already installed) the Huawei USB driver
  • power off your phone, it necessary to take off battery
  • put on battery, and power on your phone in fastboot mode (power + volume down)
  • the phone will be block on 'Huawei Ascend' screen, it's normal in fastboot mode
  • now plug-in your phone to your pc, you must sent the sound of USB plugged device
  • Now you can work on your phone via Fastboot, if you're an expert, don't read anymore ;)
  • Now you must download this unbrick-rom
  • for download, tou must click the centered button with the text "419.75MB"
  • after download, extract all files in a folder
  • double click on flash_all.bat
  • you can thee a DOS screen, with green background
  • press ENTER, the background will be red
  • wait about 10 minutes, until boot.img, recovery.img and system.img it is flashed on phone
  • The unplug you phone and reboot
  • How you have stock recovery and a developing rom installed
  • Now you can update the rom with an official update, with dload method
  • or you install the Chinese custom Recovery and flash a custom ROM like SoreX series ;)